The Alter ego

The door made a creaking sound as it opened. “Quite strange” i thought. It had been properly shut before i went off to sleep. Dismissing much thoughts, i walked towards the door to shut it back. The dim light of the night lamp was enough to guide me across even though my sleepy eyes refused to assist me more.

Before i could finish this ordeal, my eyes caught a silhouette of someone leaning against the wall at the opposite corner of the room. It started coming closer, tossing a dice in its hand. But i was too dazed with fear to do something. Whoever it was, now seemed to be familiar. I gasped in horror at the sight of the one who stood before me. I wasn’t looking at a mirror, then how was it possible? A chill ran down my spine. I felt the urge to scream but my senses had gone numb.

“Scared, Huh?” He said, smiling eerily. “Calm down, I’m not a ghost as u think. And you also aren’t looking at a mirror. You are in a trance right now and there isn’t anyone else here except the two of us. You are here for a reason. I can see the stream of questions about me running in your mind”

“I am far more superior than you” he continued speaking, but the voice showed every sign of anger. “I am the person that you aren’t. The anger, the words, the emotions….everything that you have suppressed till now, is me. I am your Alter ego, and i despise you because you’re feeble. Always whining about the way you get treated, expecting people to value your presence…. it is nothing but idiocy. Complete foolishness. Because that’s the thing about human nature, they never value something until they’ve lost it. The compromises that you are making for them are suffocating your own emotions and desires. Just for the sake of maintaining cordial relations, you let yourself get defeted out there and then brood over it. You light up useless lamps in your dreams about winning. Well, now those dreams want to taste the real victory out there.”

“You would have amused me if you hadn’t recently noticed the change in your behavior at times. Yes, i am dominating you slowly. And now that I’m enjoying this game, i want to play it to the best. There is a fire deep within, waiting to be unleashed. Everything that you suppressed so far is waiting to express itself”

He grabbed my wrist hard. “You have to make a decision. Either change yourself and join me, or sit back and watch me in action as everyone shall witness a completely different person emerging. Choose your call, I’ll come back for this soon” saying this he placed the dice on my palm, firmly enclosing it into a closed fist. 

Everything around me started whirring, rendering my vision into a blur. Suddenly, he pushed me back forcefully and the darkness engulfed me.

The early morning rays woke me up. I could hardly get up from the bed, feeling too much exhausted as if someone had sucked up the entire energy. “The nightmare was really horrible” i thought. But i could see that the door was open. My wrist ached badly and had turned red. I opened my fist, only to find a dice lying within it.

Beware! You too might get a visitor.

Β© Vision

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25 thoughts on “The Alter ego

  1. Wow! I like your writing style. It’s different like you’ve given it a part of your essence. And the subject you chose to write on was brilliant! Most of us can relate to it on a personal level. Great job, Shubham. Looking forward to more from you!

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  2. Wonderful piece! I definitely find this relatable especially due to the drastic changes that have been occurring over the past 9 years. It is always interesting when we get to meet our shadow selves or alternate ego or higher self or inner child that all reside within our ethereal bodies. Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

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