“He” & “She” story

They both walked along the shores, as the evening breeze tried to soothe their tormented souls. The sun was on it’s way down; taking away the remaining rays of hope. The wet sand caressed their feet for the trail of footprints left behind by them. Those weren’t mere footprints. It was a Saga of Love engraved softly, depicting the delightful time they had spent so far.

They walked close, but the unseen distances were wide. There was a lot to be spoken about, but they chose to remain quiet.

Their silence itself spoke how badly the things had gone. Mistakes, harsh words….everything kept hitting hard. Had it been only those things, it would be easier to resolve. But feudal issues had made it worse. She had somehow restrained her pent up rage and He wanted her wrath to recede.

He turned as she stopped in her tracks. “Should we really be heading ahead?” She asked.

He didn’t say anything but She knew all his words very well. He didn’t need to speak because she knew what he had to say.

He just held out his hand to her, She didn’t respond. 

“I’m worried about the end of this journey” She said.

“And I’ve put it off for now. This journey matters the most” He said.

“Is it that easy?” She asked, her eyes piercing the question through him. He knew somewhere she was correct, but did it mean that retreating was an option ?

In the vast expanse behind her, He could see the waves gently erasing the last remains of their footprints.

Β© Vision


6 thoughts on ““He” & “She” story

      1. But thats the beauty of it!! Not putting enough words… Thats what made me wonder and THATS what gives and edge to this excerpt.


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