A curve which sets everything straight πŸ˜Š

In our daily pursuits of subsistence, we all look forward for a tinge of happiness. Something that can brighten up the entire day. Memories of good incidents always give us some positive vibes. One such incident happened recently with me.

I was on my way towards the examination centre. It was just a couple of minutes of walk away from where i alighted the bus. My mind was preoccupied by nervousness about the exam. Maybe it was evident from my face and body language. From the direction of the examination centre, a girl came and halted me.

“Are you going for the exam being held over there?” She asked.

“Uh..yes” I replied, wondering what might be the reason.

“All the Best” She said with a pleasant smile.

“Thank you” I replied with one of those ‘made up’ smiles. It didn’t go unnoticed. Because, she stopped me once again.

“Hey, wait. Even i have an exam today. Some good wishes might help” She winked with a bubbly grin.

“Oh..I….I didn’t knew..” I stammered, still intrigued by the situation of a random stranger indulging in such a conversation with me.

“Chill. We’re going for an exam, not a war. Just look at yourself. Why so serious?” She giggled, sharing the light merriment amidst the stress of exam.

“All the Best to you too” I said, this time with a genuine delight.

“Thanks. Have a nice day” She said, waving her hand as she departed.

The signs of stress and anxiety had perished and were now replaced by cheerfulness at this highly amusing incident. I don’t know who she was or what stake did she have in brightening my temperament, a complete stranger to her. But suppose, if i were to believe that maybe she had taken it upon herself to pass on joyful vibes as much as possible, then she was going well with it. If she hopes that people will remember her as a pleasant memory, I’ll say she has succeeded.

The old folks were correct when they said that a bigger change occurs by initiating a small change within us, our thoughts, perceptions, deeds….everything that can lead to a better aspect. The Law of Karma says; “What goes around, comes around”. So, are we spreading enough happiness? Can we expect the same?

After all, spreading smiles isn’t that difficult, is it ? πŸ˜‰


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