The Eccentric new friend (Continued)

(This is a continuation of the story ‘The Eccentric new friend‘ posted earlier)

Chinmay was sweating profusely. And Sanchita too was panic stricken. One thing was for sure, that the moment Miss Solanki would choose to complain about their breaking into her room, the whole family would come down heavily upon them……

“Ma’am…. I.. I.. I’m sorry….am so sorry.. we weren’t upto what you think. Really…. It’s just this- this- Diary. I am really ashamed. I won’t do this again. Please don’t….” Chinmay mumbled. He was very close to tears at the thought of the thrashing he would be recieving from his family. 

“Why would i object young fellas coming here to meet me?” Miss Solanki said cheerfully. Chinmay and Sanchita glanced at each other, utterly bewildered.

“Calm down dear. Realisation and acceptance show that deep down we have regret for our act. And that becomes a step towards improvement. I am glad that you repent for you actions. Anyway-” Miss Solanki said gently “- if my diary held something that i didn’t wish anyone to read, it would be locked up somewhere. It wouldn’t be lying happily on the desk” she blinked merrily at them.

“Infact, i would love it if someone learns the way to read it” she beamed.

“Learn? Why? What’s in those pages that requires any learning?” Sanchita seemed to have found her voice by the affable demeanor of Miss Solanki. Chinmay, though elated by the fact that they were at peace, was quite surprised to voice his thoughts.

“Confined in these pages are my achievements, experiences, adventures…. everything that just any other diary may show. But besides that, you will also find experiences of those events which are yet to come” She said, handing over the diary to Sanchita. “Go on, have a look”.

“Events of the future!” Chinmay said, looking puzzled “But a diary is meant for keeping records of the past, isn’t it?”

“Indeed, it is meant to be” Miss Solanki said. But what’s wrong with writing about the future. I guess you must have heard the quote ‘Believe, and you are halfway through your deepest desires’. So, what else can be a better way to be certain! Pen down yourself having already achieved your desires. Visualise it. Feel it.” 

“I don’t mean to sound rude….but, umm….it sounds much like day dreaming” Sanchita said.

“Ah, there’s a difference my dear.” Miss Solanki assumed the role of a teacher that she was “You see, This isn’t just about any dreams. It is a sort of ‘Visualisation’ with a strong purpose. Only the visions without any will to act upon, are mad whims”

A few seconds passed in silence and then all of a sudden, Sanchita leapt to her feet saying “Chinu, i think i heard someone calling you downstairs. We must leave”

The delightful look on Miss Solanki’s face faded as she understood that they were trying to get away from her talks. However, she regained her composure. “Yes O’course, or else everyone might conclude that the mischief makers are upto something” She said with a wink.

“Thank you Ma’am. And sorry for breaking into your privacy” Chinmay said sincerely.

Miss Solanki nodded saying “It was nice meeting you two”.

“Do you reckon she is ‘Lunatic’?” Sanchita asked when they reached downstairs “Coz i certainly do. She must have a serious imbalance up there. Not sure whether she herself understands her own words”

“C’mon, she’s not a weirdo. I’d say she just thinks different” Chinmay said even as Sanchita walked away. 

Something struck him and he rushed upstairs to Miss Solanki’s room. She was arranging the stuff on her desk neatly when she noticed him standing at the door.

“You knew we were going to sneak your diary. The way you reacted, i don’t think you must have turned up here by sheer coincidence” Chinmay said, grinning broadly.

She chuckled softly and said “Yes, i had overheard your intentions. I happened to be around the ladder that leads to the rooftop where you spilled the beans to Sanchita”

“And yet you…..”

“I hardly have any visitors, Chinmay. I took an early retirement and set out to explore more for myself, leaving behind everything and everyone i was close to. It takes certain time to get accustomed.” She said wryly. 

“Anyway-” she continued cheerfully ” -it’s a matter of time that I’ll be off to some other place. Got much to do and many places to visit. I don’t stay at a place for too long.”

“You should have married, for a change. My mum and dad….you know….they keep on having rows and then it’s we who get entertained” Chinmay joked.

She gave out a hearty cackle of laughter.

“See you soon Ma’am. I do want to learn the way to read that diary. And also write one for myself.” Chinmay said before leaving.

He knew that he had made a new friend. Eccentric as his sister would call her. But more or less, a new friend.

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13 thoughts on “The Eccentric new friend (Continued)

  1. Hey, just popped from the community pool. And this story was great. Not completely but somewhere I think I saw myself in Miss Solanki. I keep a journal where I write down stuff too and although its not the same case, k really enjoyed reading this and wanted to just say that here. Anyway, I hope you keep going.
    Have a great day.

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  2. Sorry if you were disappointed by the end of the story. The diary of Miss Solanki here, is actually a medium which conveys the message that ‘To achieve your desires, you must visualise them as if you have already achieved them and then set yourself to work. Writing your visualisation to the smallest detail like that of an event of past in a diary can be the best way’

    So, you can imagine what her diary must be like πŸ˜‰ given that she is independent and has set off to wander alone.

    Liked by 1 person

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