Who left? You, or Love?

Hey dear, are you there? 

These nights are somber and silent as ever. And the world too drifts into deep slumber. But here, I am awake like never before; bewitched, by the soothing serenity of the sky. Wafted by the cool breeze is a sarcastic laughter that persistently hits my ears. I must fear not, because it is just the darkness mocking at me while the memories play their nasty game.

Yes, you heard it right. All those memories of that time spent together come swarming and stand like a crowd around me.

They grab me and drag me to a hellhole called ‘The Past’. Returning back is not an easy task. 

I’ve realized how weak I am, because my mind is a mere slave of those memories. Actually it likes to wander into those deceptive or perhaps misleading thoughts. It wants to re-live your glimpse, your whiff, your vibe, your chirping, your reticence, your eminence and damn everything that is associated with you. I know it is a trap but I’m helpless.

Those were wonderful days when we used to talk, we used to laugh, and we used to understand the tacit very easily. I strived to establish β€˜You’ in my ‘Me’ and the β€˜We’ in ‘Us’. But now i must ask you, were you never meant to be a part of this? Was it always meant to be me and only me? Maybe it was like a futile course of action made by me towards the space with the hope that “We-the two different ends” would someday unite forever. It was absolutely futile because what escaped my mind was that the space is β€˜Infinite’. And as we know, β€˜Infinity’ does not have any β€˜Ends’.

After going through everything, a question that lingers is Are you just a Name now? Or do you still mean something to me? The answer is obvious because names perish, but your memories don’t. But maybe for you, I’m just a name…..

Β© Vision.


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