I dived into the deepest trenches, Also soared to great heights. Travelled across endless distances of horizons, And ransacked my own little world. Just to find out the forces, That restrained me from the path to prosperity. Dejected and exhausted; when i returned home, The uselessness of that pursuit kicked in. Not the oceans; nor [...]


Nominated again!

A new day and a couple of nominations for me😊 Couldn't have been better. I'm so very thankful to Riya for nominating me to 'The Liebster Award', and Pooja for nominating me to  'The Versatile Blogger Award'.  Well, am i Versatile or not? I'll leave it up to you to decide.πŸ˜‚. Beware! You'll get addicted to Riya's blogπŸ˜‚ The [...]

Cupid πŸ’˜

Millions of faces,  And million pairs of eyes. Follow your heart few miles, You'll see where the most beautiful one lies. Enchanting and Ravishing were mere words you could find, To describe 'that' someone, who is the only one of a kind. Amidst stealing those quick peeks, some craziness stood high. Visiting the memory lane,  [...]

One Lovely Blog Award.

Wohooo!!!! A nomination for another award. This day is just getting better.  Thank you so much Riya, for nominating me. Needless to insist anyone, as almost every person within the circle is your follower 😁 Ahem.. Ahem (okay, let's get started πŸ˜›) Rules Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in [...]

A Cacophony inside me

I stare into the void, Reviving the sweet memories shrouded from the world. An ocean of turbulent thoughts inside me, Betrays the tranquility so displayed. But into that void, Is a pair of eyes, giving a penetrating look that feels like a slap. Back into the material world, it dawns upon me that; Even the [...]

The Dilemma.

Yash stood outside the ward, perplexed by the situation he was facing. Inside the ward, his mother Aarti was sobbing continuously by the bedside of her father.  A single mother, Aarti had boldly faced the odds stacked against her. Right from securing a future for Yash, she had independently manged every requirement. Her father Murlidhar [...]

Liebster Award

I am very thankful to kshiti, who has nominated me for this award. I appreciate her gesture and insist everyone to visit her blog. She is an emerging blogger and has some nice and sweet excerpts on her blog. The rules of this award:1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.2. Answer the 11 [...]

Who left? You, or Love?

Hey dear, are you there?  These nights are somber and silent as ever. And the world too drifts into deep slumber. But here, I am awake like never before; bewitched, by the soothing serenity of the sky. Wafted by the cool breeze is a sarcastic laughter that persistently hits my ears. I must fear not, [...]